Hello, World! I’m Adi Mittal, a student at Terman Middle School. I enjoy food, math, running, martial arts, and music of memes.

My main intent in starting this blog is to share my thoughts, ideas, and outlooks on cool math. My primary goal is to create content that's interesting and to share my thoughts on the world around me. I hope my ideas and thoughts can appeal to you, just as it did to me and showed me the interests of math!


As the years have gone by, I have moved on from my lowly middle school self and am now a rising senior at Henry M. Gunn High School who is still obsessing over math, but am also actively participating in track and field, the concert and jazz bands, Model United Nations, and acting as a key organizer in my school's TEDx organization. My first year of high school was primarily situating myself in the new social dynamics and with all of these great clubs, so blogging was put on an indefinite hiatus as it floated to the back of my mind. A couple years ago, I partook in a research class in my sophomore year (which you can read about here) asked to summarize our work in a blog post, and it seemed like a great time to restart the site and continue writing. Since then, I've been trying to write between school vacations, writing a couple times a month at my most efficient, but I try to get post at least once every couple of months.